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ABINIT Environment

The development of ABINIT takes place in a global environment, made of several languages or tools:

  • F95 for writing most of the sources ;
  • Python for writing most of the scripts ;
  • Bazaar for the Version management ;
  • ROBODOC for processing the sources ;
  • Buildbot for running the test farm ;
  • ...
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In the present directory, one has gathered the generic documentation about this environment.

This documentation might include the following :

  • Brief introduction, giving the context
  • External links, to language reference, tool repository (downloads), tutorials ...
  • Internal links, to documents written by ABINIT developers (such document being rather general)
  • Particulars : in the context of ABINIT, such document describe specific characteristics related to the use of such languages/tools¬†
  • Also, some tutorials for developers will address the use of such languages/tools differently.